is compiled by the Lancaster USBC Association.  This book will be used to determine the official averages for all local tournaments.

The Lancaster USBC Association accepts no responsibility for errors (except typos), in compiling this statistical record, but places the responsibility on the individual bowler to use his/her correct average(s) and correct name (as issued on his/her current USBC card).  All names and averages were taken from the Final Average Forms provided to League Secretaries by this Association.  IF these records were vague or incorrect there is no guarantee that the listed name or average is correct.  Therefore if any bowler thinks his/her average is incorrect he/she should first check with his/her League Secretary.

The Association Manager of the Lancaster USBC Association commends all League Secretaries who conscientioursly fulfilled their duty in forwarding names and averages with which to make this average book as complete as possible.

Averages published here are for the 2017-2018 season and for only 21 games or more in USBC Certified leagues including summer leagues.

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